My dream is to create a massively multiplayer unleashed sandbox game with permadeath where players work together to build strongholds with player run shops and policing systems

@sylveon Yep, it's pretty heavily inspired by that 😄

@peregrine Yes that's a fantastic game! I have played that one, and this idea is partially inspired by it

@kyle I've always assumed that when you die in this concept, you go to a lower world.
I'd imagine that things would get most organised at the fourth level, people who've experienced death and don't want it again. But if you go even further down, eventually it would just be smaller populations of demon players, hunting each other, no notions of law or safety, cause the only way to die that many times that fast is if that's the way of life you chose.

@faun That would be one of the bigger challenges with a game like this, how do you control rampant player killers. My thoughts are that if there is a steep leveling up curve and if weapons and armor are difficult to produce, then it would be difficult to even become powerful enough to be a threat without other's cooperation. Which in that case you become a town of your own and will probably just get taken over by a bigger, friendlier stronghold.

@kyle I think it's important to leave security difficult. It could be a mistake to make it too easy. Things could get very boring very quickly once players are living in a world they've designed themselves to be as safe as possible.

That said, I'm extremely interested in the notion of *civic games*, games that implement and test alternate kinds of governance/economies with large populations of real, clever, troublemaking humans, and I guess we would need to establish peace for that.

@faun Using levels is an interesting concept, kind of like your world is hand picked for your level of cruelty 😈

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