One thing I just have not been able to understand is why nobody prefers to put your ending bracket on the next line. For example, I think most devs would prefer this


over this


I think the second example

1. Helps you see where your ending brackets correspond to
2. Prevents long lines

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Anyone have any personal opinions on this or have an explanation why the first option might be preferred?

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@kyle I personally completely agree... but I see the second a lot more than the first. I've only seen the first with Python programmers, which may be a reflection of the generally indentation-based syntax of the language (as opposed to using explicit block scoping). I'm working on a Rust codebase right this moment, for example, and rustfmt takes the second option in many cases but never the first.

@syntacticsugarglider that's interesting, maybe I only feel this way because I stay in my corner of just python, JS and a bit of list

@kyle I generally use the second style, though I'd indent the list of arguments. Depending on complexity each function call in that kind of nesting could get a level of indentation.

@kyle I do parens on the next line, with function calls or even ifs and fors. It makes it easier to edit too. That said I've seen some hardcore lispers use a mysterious secret typing technique called paredit that allows them to ignore parens entirely. They work in terms of indentations/whitespace (kind of like python), parens are handled automatically when writing, and when reading you ignore them, cause they are none of your concern as long as you use paredit.

@namark I never realized that trick, I'll have to check that out

I've always seen the first example most prominently in the lisp the community, it's one of the reasons I haven't seriously used lisp

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