Trying to figure out how you drew this orthographically? @neauoire

I can see how you can draw with vanishing points for non-orthographic drawings... did you use a grid for this or is there a special technique I haven't found yet?

Here's some of the damage they're doing. It really hurts the smaller ones :(

Finally met the culprit for my squash problems. Here's a vine borer. I removed maybe 30 of them, hopefully this saves my plants this year

This one bird has been visiting and tapping my window daily for the past week. I wonder why?

Sure is cute though

Well this isn't exactly what I want yet, but it looks kind of cool

Dropping my Dad off for his weekly sailing crew. Maybe I should start sailing?

Rover is halfway through development, I think it's coming along nicely. I found a great team that's been working hard to bring this game to completion

I grew a flower from seed!

Sorry about all this gardening content, it's kind of absorbed my life for the past couple months. I'm going to try my first game jam (jamcraft3) soon so I can collaborate and have a real deadline to get something real finished.

I created what I've been wanted to make for a while, a priority todo list which which literally inflates the most important items.
Write a new todo in the textbox, and Return to create it. Tab and S-Tab to move between items. Up and Down arrows to re-prioritize. Press Return on an item to mark done, and Backspace to delete one.

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