Trying to figure out how you drew this orthographically? @neauoire

I can see how you can draw with vanishing points for non-orthographic drawings... did you use a grid for this or is there a special technique I haven't found yet?

Here's some of the damage they're doing. It really hurts the smaller ones :(

Finally met the culprit for my squash problems. Here's a vine borer. I removed maybe 30 of them, hopefully this saves my plants this year

@cblgh Yeah, they were pretty crowded. If I don't remove some, then everything will be stunted, because they're all competing too closely for sunlight. Also fungus, mold and pests become more of a problem because of the decrease in airflow and sunlight which should naturally deter those kinds of things.

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@rek no I had no idea you could do that! I just threw them in the compost

@cblgh I agree, I don't know if I can really help with that... It really depends on the day for me... Also the tea helps

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@kyle debugging workflow in order of value for time spent:
- did I write what I thought I wrote? (2m)
- is the input to this code what I think it is? (5m)
- do the functions I call do what I think they do? (15m)
- is my algorithm complete? correct? (1hr)
- configuration issue? (hrs)
- is there a bug in a library? (days)

Instead of banging my head against a wall over a really tough bug in a system I know nothing about, instead I find this works a lot better

1. Go make yourself a cup of tea
2. Relax
3. Write down everything you know about the issue
4. Close the gaps of in your understanding until you find the issue
5. Still didn't figure it out? Ask someone for help

@faun thanks for the suggestions. I agree it's probably a lost cause to go for the unwrap syntax. I don't think there's much I can do to get away from a function syntax, I'm better off embrace ing it

This project was burning me out because I had way too many far out ideas that weren't entirely based in reality. It was fun while it it lasted though

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