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Rant about Marketing 

Well this isn't exactly what I want yet, but it looks kind of cool

Trying out a funny idea I had. I like to doodle a lot, and I realized that all my doodles are made of the same kind of simple rounded shapes. So I'm making a doodle editor...

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uspol/Gab/Mastodon Vice Article 

Just a small update on my garden

Sorry for the huge images. I'm trying to put together something to automatically resize them as needed.

Here's the server code if anyone's interested

Dropping my Dad off for his weekly sailing crew. Maybe I should start sailing?

The rover game is finished for my submission for JamCraft3

It didn't go entirely like I imagined. 2 weeks doesn't go as long as I thought it did, and I think my expectations weren't based much in reality

Anyways I'm really thankful for the team I ended up with who took it to the finish line. I think it ended up really neat

Rover is halfway through development, I think it's coming along nicely. I found a great team that's been working hard to bring this game to completion

I grew a flower from seed!

Sorry about all this gardening content, it's kind of absorbed my life for the past couple months. I'm going to try my first game jam (jamcraft3) soon so I can collaborate and have a real deadline to get something real finished.

I have determined that I'm definitely factors more productive when I'm working at a coffee shop.

I honestly don't really like working there though... the chairs make my back ache and I don't like spending money there that often.

I'm trying to figure out what it is that makes it easier to get in the zone. Any suggestions for how to stay focused at home?

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I haven't done very much with programming in my free time recently... but I have been gardening

Here's some updates on my plants if you're interested

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I was getting a bit frustrated because I can't come up with a nice list comprehension syntax that I like for Judo. I think I just need to take a step back and implement filter/map with the existing functionality without special syntax. There's still a decent amount of work to get that done but I'll be glad when I have something that works.

We planted a ton of veggies/berry bushes in the ground this year, not know if anything will take off. I was really disappointed when after a couple weeks nothing was doing anything and things were dying.

But now most of it is coming up and doing great, it's an awesome feeling. Some of my plants have died, but I am learning a lot.

Learning can be much more valuable than blind success.

I finally got around to making a wiki

Let me know what you think. I'm hoping it can serve as my sole container for any blog articles or light documentation on my projects. I'm excited to fill it up in the coming years.

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