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The only time Microsoft has empowered me was that time in middle school when Windows 7 enlightened and inspired me to try out a Linux distro.

I haven't gone back since.

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We gave a talk at XOXO about living and working off the grid, and trying to apply concepts of to our everyday life.

That explains why my bread just isn't right when I try to follow a recipe 😬

So a loaf with 50% hydration actually contains 1/3 water. A 100% hydration recipe is just 50/50

Realized recently that I misunderstood what I thought was a self explanatory term "hydration" (in terms of bread making)

It's not a percentage of water in a mixture, (water / total) but rather a percentage of water in comparison to flour (water / flour)

I'm hoping to get more feedback now that it's a more accessible online tool, and maybe this will evolve into something completely different

This is basically a JS port of Judo, which was a "logical" programming language in the making

My favorite demonstration example for this is for calculating a sourdough recipe

Trying to figure out how you drew this orthographically? @neauoire

I can see how you can draw with vanishing points for non-orthographic drawings... did you use a grid for this or is there a special technique I haven't found yet?

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