With a small change to my export configuration (leonrische.me/pages/org_html_e), each page is now exported as .txt and .pdf, too.

I like the idea of .txt websites,
but most of my content contains a lot of images and latex equations.

As a first experiment, I've rewritten my quadtree expansion function to generate ASCII art instead of png images.


I added a cloze-deletion variant that hides all other holes to github.com/l3kn/org-fc.

This seems like a great way to learn programming languages.

Added support for generating png images of colored squares to my rust/emacs generative art library.

Generating good cloze-deletions from the sentences is harder than I thought.

I'll start with a simpler card type that shows a sentence in the foreign language and plays the audio, then prompts for the translation and see how that goes.

I'm trying to add part-of-speech tags to sentences from tatoeba.org/.

After spending a few hours training my own tagger with nltk I discovered spacy.io/ which is giving better results.

Tidal Cycling,
superchip with distortion,
mis-using `anticipate` for the glitched effect at the beginning and end.

Implemented "derived tasks" bound to some predicate function.

Every hour, these predicates are checked and if there is not already an active headline in the collection file, a new headline is added.

Built a small dashboard as a replacement for the org-mode agenda in .

Small beat in ,
playing around with the looping effects on my mini kaoss pad.

Statistics for flashcard types,
using gnu.org/software/gawk/ to process 2386 files (187k lines) in ~ 250ms.

Flashcard review statistics in , `insert-image` with generated svgs for the bar charts.


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