Sierpinski Triangle in with

- a binary lookup table at the bottom
- a combination of "A" and "M" to check if a & b == 0
- a "delay unit" for variables a and b
because one signal travels in north/west direction

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This is promising, the same shape can be generated with a cellular automaton, removing the need for a binary conversion table.

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Using numbered variables for the rule further simplifies the code,
and because it's based on relative offsets, the drawing unit can be repeated multiple times.

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@neauoire To the orca-c repo on sourcehut or to one of the repos on github?

For sourcehut I need a mail address for the patchset, I couldn't find a mailing list.

@neauoire You asked me to PR the code for this to the ORCA examples, I've not used git send-mail (for the sourcehut orca repo) before and it's prompting me for a mail address.

Should I use one of the repos on github instead?

@l3kn this is really cool! I never thought about using the operators to make automatons on orcλ

@dfr I knew it had to be possible thanks to Turing completeness, but I'm surprised by how little logic is needed

@megabyteGhost Thanks!

Can you recommend a source for (drum) samples? I'll try to make it generate sound later.

@l3kn What kind? I can send you some of mine. Do you want like loops or just a kick sample, snare sample, etc?

@megabyteGhost Single samples would be ideal, maybe a hi-hat, kick, snare and bass drum so there is one sample per "drawing unit"

@l3kn If I send you 1 file w/ all the samples spaced out, can you chop it up or do you need me to send each as their own file?

@megabyteGhost Unless it's more effort for you, single files would be better. If the file size is small enough, you can send them as attachments to

@megabyteGhost Thanks! I'll try to put it together this evening.

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