@l3kn wow, that's amazing, may I link to these from the documentation?

@neauoire Sure, maybe I'll make some improvements later but I can keep the link the same.

It's definitely missing the `STOP` command, does it apply to one slide only or to the whole file?

@l3kn you need to add STOP to each slide that is blocking.


@neauoire That makes sense, the file is updated now so all slides are blocking

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@neauoire I'm glad you like it, thanks for making such a nice piece of software to play with!

The tower of Hanoi was stuck in my head for the last few days and when I saw your post about adding conditional logic to this, it was the perfect example to see if alternatively all possible states could be encoded in one slide each.

Is it intentional that going to a slide without a `FILL` command draws over the current one? If so, I got an idea for another trick.

@l3kn yes! slides don't have to be painting at all, or they could be just certain paint-overs.

What you could do is have a slide id that paints only one ring, and always go back to the first slide? Maybe, I'm not sure if that would work.

If you have an idea for a command that would make things easier, do tell :) That's what I wanna do today!

@neauoire Give me a few more minutes, I think I can come up with a demo for a useful new command.

@neauoire leonrische.me/files/adelie_pai

There seems to be a limit on the number of links allowed on a slide so it's only a 2x2 grid.

Very close to your idea of always going back to the first slide, the selection menu is faked by links to slides where the whole slide is a link back, then double-clicking everywhere.

@l3kn yeah it's only 8 links per slide I think, this works pretty well, I wonder if we could use that to do something like conditional. In here you're basically using the PATT bytes as a variable. What could we do that checks if the PATT is a certain value or not. 🤔

@neauoire I thought I saw at least 9 but in the source the limit is 8.

Sharing and updating arbitrary state between slides would quickly turn into a full programming language so I'm not sure what a good compromise could look like.

A `GOTO slidename` command would remove the need for the double-click hack, allowing slides that are there for the side effects only (almost like functions).

@l3kn that's a good idea, I was thinking WAIT 0, you could also use that for animation.

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