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Heyo! I'm Lains, and I'm an App Developer, technically a Lawyer, and certified to work on anything UX design. I am more active online though than offline!

Currently in Computer Science university, I'm interested in app development and robotics for a sci-fi ecofuturistic world where nature and tech are in unison.

My web portal is

If not we'll be staying with this old year for more days.

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One year ends after 658 days, another hopefully starts tomorrow. :tealheart:

Bonus points for what I personally call "Art Renouveau"

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I am in love with Anti-Design & New Brutalism... Send help :ohnobubble:

People who are going to wish what the do want to have or be will only waste away their wishes, and wearing white they're not going to be at peace.

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This New Years Day the moon is in the waning sector, so gear up in black, and wish away what you don't want to be/have/etc in 2022.

This tagline is now on my own site, because it feels right being there.

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(This was just an ironic design piece by The Designers' Republic, but now it feels too close for comfort.)

CW: Becoming jaded, feeling empty 

Plus, seeing 22% of Brazil still supporting Bolsonaro's way of doing politics is heart nuking.

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CW: Becoming jaded, feeling empty 

Had to vent it out.

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CW: Becoming jaded, feeling empty 

Being exposed to the news all this time is making me become misanthropic and jaded and empty inside, and I hate that I am becoming the person to say "One more? Anyways..." to a US shooting or "Once again? Anyways..." to a corruption scandal in Brazil.

I have moved away from Patreon and into Ko-Fi, because Patreon's fees were just damaging my patronage.

My Ko-Fi link is:

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I wrote a blohpost clearing out any confusion around libadwaita and the recoloring api and addressing all the fud spread from people that should have known better.

#gnome #gtk

Cleaned my following list, don't feel bad if I unfollowed you, it's just that I felt my feed was becoming ADHD-adjacent with so many things.

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