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Heyo! I'm Lains, and I'm an App Developer, technically a Lawyer, and certified to work on anything UX design. I am more active online though than offline!

Currently in Computer Science university, I'm interested in app development and robotics for a sci-fi ecofuturistic world where nature and tech are in unison.

My web portal is

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✨You asked for it, you got it! ✨

We just published the v0.0.1 of the Penpot exporter!
Figma ↔️ Penpot

boop I am trick or treating as a dead OS

Guess I'll join as @lainsce :D

I guess I am back to using only Patreon due to Paypal not being in my country properly.

Link is as always

After pondering about the recent events, I have come to a conclusion; I might have developed not a trauma, in the sense of the word, but a somewhat weakness to critique. Something like always feeling frustrated that things aren't always friendly.

It feels as if I was conditioned to feel a certain way and when the Truman Show wall inevitably falls down, the unknown creeps at me.

I've decided to make K,Q,V,J,A more distinct than the original artwork.


I'm sure nobody involved meant harm; but this week was the first week after a major case of burnout and general trauma about coding, that I started to code again.

I shyly asked the author if I could try porting their app. Then, posted some progress here because I thought to share and Merveilles never was triggering to me.

The wording. The "You should know better" tone that made me get the trauma in the first place and made me avoid coding for a lot of months... Suffocation.

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I don't get why every time without fail when I feel happy there's something that happens to take me down.

Also I'll be sure to credit the use of the artwork in this GTK4 port of the game.

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Just using the og artwork as a base because they're amazing :D

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Soldunzh is almost there... Just need to fix some stuff and it's done.

Hopefully using the og artwork but recolored & remixed is ok?

& then I improved the design of the cards lmao

(headerbar being darker and "inactive" is a screenshot glitch)

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Name would be Soldunzh to keep the original inspiration intact in the name hehe

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Kind of wanna make a GTK4 port of Donsol under a different name just to see how hard it is to do...

And then having just enough money that you just survive the next day as if you're on a roguelike game.

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Nothing more eye-opening than living in a capitalist country and suddenly having no money you can use for personal enjoyment things.

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