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Heyo! I'm Lains, a.k.a Paulo, and I'm an App Developer, technically a Lawyer, and certified to work on anything UX design. I hail from Brazil. I am more active online though than offline!

Currently in Computer Science university, I'm interested in app development and robotics for a sci-fi ecofuturistic world where nature and tech are in unison.

My web portal is

@beli3ver Feel free to spread the word between people you know the existence of Khronos too, so more people get to know about it and possibly pay what they think is right for the app as well. :tealheart:

Been stuck in a CDE Desktop sinkhole. Send help.

Icons are here, would love some contributions to speed up the process of making every icon:

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Been on a retro mood.
Icons custom made by me based on retro icons.

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I've implemented some stuff on Niu, my handy elementary OS Nataniev Time/Date app:

Converters in two new tabs:
Date -> Arvelie
Time -> Neralie

Been playing with using 1-bit dithered photos as wallpapers.

My goals with my site have been reached. Now to write more pages.

A CSS protip, the "ch" unit.

When you want things to scale based on single characters instead of pixels or rems.

Today is a palindrome day with Arvelie: 20B02
(old world calendaring: 2020-01-16)

The rework is done. 80KB of site.

Simple and inoffensive, it even respects dark modes on OSes.

This also means removing all of the old ported code from old XXIIVV

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Having an itch to clean my personal site and redo it with as minimal of CSS/JS as it can have.

Stress-tested Rakugaki by doodling many things, the most it used was 12.3MB of RAM and 2% of CPU. Mission complete.

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