(This was just an ironic design piece by The Designers' Republic, but now it feels too close for comfort.)


This tagline is now on my own site, because it feels right being there.

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@lains isn't at odds with what you stand for and want to do in life?

@eris @neauoire

Yup, because the tagline is ironic, it is just the kind of humor jab against the current system that I like.

@eris @lains I'm just concerned that if your personal website goes WORK MORE BUY MORE, there's a small chance that the irony might be lost onto them


If it gets lost on people, then it's a success either way because people who fall for it are going to continue being cogs, and I puppeteer the cogs. >:)

@lains haha, well, you can see for yourself. I used to have a very cynical page on my wiki about cornucopianism and got emails from people saying like "YES! thank you for spelling out how I feel and what I should do with my life" and I was just like WHAT.

@neauoire @lains do you uave this page archived? id love to see it


People like that just are the ones susceptible to anything of the mind to feel welcome on in a "tribe" btw. Be it cornucopianism or any -ism that happens to fall in their view of the world.

To be smart about this is to not fall for this. Critical thinking and knowledge of what mask you want to show to the public.

I live on a trash-heap of a country where people are born and are since young, predisposed to be individualistic, mean, and most of all, opportunistic; and the country never grows, it's static, and tedious. Quite a departure of what The Corporation™ projects my country as, eh? I've unjailed myself of this toxic mindset long ago. I laugh at money. I laugh at the system.

On a cheerier note though, it's sort of a link to one of my favorite game series, wipE'ouT".

@neauoire @lains i feel thats spelled out literally enough that its hard to not see the irony
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