Merry Commercial Gifting Day! :tealheart:

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@lains Come on, now.. Yeah, corporations trying (well, succeeded very well with that) to commercialize this holiday to the last penny, but for many people still this is nice reason to meet and have family dinner. My roommate is cooking for 2 days, to visit her daughter's family, with self made gifts.

@efftoyz I prefer to consider the holiday as Yuletide, thanks. :unpa:

@efftoyz Your family experience with being together and etc, is Yuletide. Not Xmas.

@lains Oh, was it the same as Xmas, week before New Year? Or when exactly pagans were celebrating Yuletide?

@efftoyz It differs on teaching paths, but the one I use since I'm on the southern hemisphere, is the summer solstice. Yeah, maybe weird but Yuletide's hot for me :p

@efftoyz Some say the move to Dec 25th was by priests seeing roman pagans celebrate Sol Invictus and marking Jesus's birthday to collide with Sol Invictus and then erasing culture.

@efftoyz Sol Invictus and Yuletide are almost the same thing, just with different optics. While Sol Invictus celebrates the powerful Sun by feasts with family and friends, Yuletide is the coming of winter and then feasting with family and friends.

@lains Oh, I just watched some video, other version is that pope moved Xmas date to compete with Saturnalia celebration as well as with Yuletide.

@efftoyz Yeah, this fuzziness of knowledge is thanks to the church, but this is becoming off-topic lol

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