Just accepted my fate of commiting these to memory. :mac:

Check this idea in live code in my site at lainsce.us .

Still minimalist and doesn't detract from pure css and html.

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Finalized the new Focus Mode for Quilter. Tastefully focused. 😉

Been on a retro mood.
Icons custom made by me based on retro icons.

I've implemented some stuff on Niu, my handy elementary OS Nataniev Time/Date app:

Converters in two new tabs:
Date -> Arvelie
Time -> Neralie

Been playing with using 1-bit dithered photos as wallpapers.

My goals with my site have been reached. Now to write more pages.

Trying to reinvent the wheel natively and make my own Drawing Pad app thingmajig in pure Vala

Starting the programming engine again by adding multiple layouts to Quilter: Full-width Edit/Preview and Half-width Edit and Preview.

Basically, Full-width is the classic layout of the app, having the Editor take all the space, and for Preview, the same. The Half-Width one, both take half of the window.

Pictured is the Half-width Layout. :tealheart:

The Merveilles UI/UX experience on Android:
- Custom KWGT with Arvelie, Neralie and Day/Night indicator (will send file via DM if requested)
- Stuff app widget for tasks
- A general #000000, , and colorscheme.

The P month cycle is when I finish the Vala implementation of Arvelie on my app Niu as what I was using wasn't correct. Also try to finish the custom pomodoro as well maybe.


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