If not we'll be staying with this old year for more days.

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One year ends after 658 days, another hopefully starts tomorrow. :tealheart:

Bonus points for what I personally call "Art Renouveau"

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I am in love with Anti-Design & New Brutalism... Send help :ohnobubble:

People who are going to wish what the do want to have or be will only waste away their wishes, and wearing white they're not going to be at peace.

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This New Years Day the moon is in the waning sector, so gear up in black, and wish away what you don't want to be/have/etc in 2022.

@efftoyz Yeah, this fuzziness of knowledge is thanks to the church, but this is becoming off-topic lol

@efftoyz Sol Invictus and Yuletide are almost the same thing, just with different optics. While Sol Invictus celebrates the powerful Sun by feasts with family and friends, Yuletide is the coming of winter and then feasting with family and friends.

@efftoyz Some say the move to Dec 25th was by priests seeing roman pagans celebrate Sol Invictus and marking Jesus's birthday to collide with Sol Invictus and then erasing culture.

@efftoyz It differs on teaching paths, but the one I use since I'm on the southern hemisphere, is the summer solstice. Yeah, maybe weird but Yuletide's hot for me :p

@efftoyz Your family experience with being together and etc, is Yuletide. Not Xmas.

@efftoyz I prefer to consider the holiday as Yuletide, thanks. :unpa:


It actually goes deeper. "Pau" is specifically, in informal situations, the penis (at least in Brazil). That's what's being censored here due to overprotection. 🙄


Now that's sad. At least you have the site's repo right?

On a cheerier note though, it's sort of a link to one of my favorite game series, wipE'ouT".

I live on a trash-heap of a country where people are born and are since young, predisposed to be individualistic, mean, and most of all, opportunistic; and the country never grows, it's static, and tedious. Quite a departure of what The Corporation™ projects my country as, eh? I've unjailed myself of this toxic mindset long ago. I laugh at money. I laugh at the system.

To be smart about this is to not fall for this. Critical thinking and knowledge of what mask you want to show to the public.


People like that just are the ones susceptible to anything of the mind to feel welcome on in a "tribe" btw. Be it cornucopianism or any -ism that happens to fall in their view of the world.

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