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A CSS protip, the "ch" unit.

When you want things to scale based on single characters instead of pixels or rems.

Today is a palindrome day with Arvelie: 20B02
(old world calendaring: 2020-01-16)

The rework is done. 80KB of site.

Simple and inoffensive, it even respects dark modes on OSes.

This also means removing all of the old ported code from old XXIIVV

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Having an itch to clean my personal site and redo it with as minimal of CSS/JS as it can have.

Stress-tested Rakugaki by doodling many things, the most it used was 12.3MB of RAM and 2% of CPU. Mission complete.

Trying to reinvent the wheel natively and make my own Drawing Pad app thingmajig in pure Vala

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Making a few bits of progress...

Proper snapping now works when either resizing or dragging a memo (thanks to for the help). Added touch event support. Also experimenting with hiding the grid, and reducing clutter, unless interacting with a memo.

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Consider joining my small patronage group at and choose how much you want to contribute or choose one of the premade tiers, I personally message each and every new patron with a heartfelt PM over there! :tealheart:

Wondering if I should toot about my Patreon or if that's considered an ad and thus bad.

Q: How did your week start?

A: By being locked out of github due to 2FA erroring on me :sadlinux:

Whew, updated my horaire logs in my wiki-site-thingamajig.

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