anyone have an RSS reader recc? maybe now will be when I finally get into using that haha

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thanks for all the replies to this, folks!

here's what I'm going with for now: feedly for syncing and a web reader interface, and netnewswire as a reader app on my phone

for now I'm just getting my feet wet so I want to keep it simple and see how I use rss / what works for me - perhaps if I really get bitten by the rss bug I'll look into the self-hosting options >:P

@ldx i use feedly + liberally ublock the stuff that is not just the UI showing me comics and etc

@sean thanks for the suggestion! you’re using their web interface then?

@ldx yeah, i use antennapod on my phone but that's just for podcasts

@ldx I'm using the OS-X only desktop app but apart from a relatively clean interface and the usefulness of being able to create folders for different types of websites, it's really lacking in features compared to the RSS readers of old. It's hard to find a good RSS app these days.

@ldx If you do find an app you enjoy do share the rec!! Good luck!

@ldx I self-host a FreshRSS service and connect to it from multiple devices using Reeder.

@ldx is a browser extension allowing you to follow many kind of feeds. If you do not need to sync between multiple devices, it is easy to setup and nice to use.

@ldx if you are in the Apple ecosystem @NetNewsWire is a wonderful free option

@ldx I've gone through the whole rss song and dace (up to selfhosting different rss apps) a year or two ago and after trying numerous solutions I stuck with Inoreader.

Inoreader is not by any means perfect, but it's easy to use and gives you enough ways to customize your experience. I currently use the web client and official android client for all my rss needs. The free version does everything I need... outside of one minor nitpick (that is solved by hitting a key/button as needed).

@FredBednarski thanks for the recommendation! I’ll take a look at inoreader :)

@ldx Evolution (email client) has an RSS reader, which I think is a pretty smart way of doing it. I haven't actually used it but I used to use the one in Thunderbird before they took it out. I've also used Newsboat which is a pretty good CLI one

@tinybird they took out the one in thunderbird? that’s too bad since I already use it for email :/

@ldx ah, maybe I was wrong or maybe they brought it back? it seems you can do File->New->Feed Account

@ldx Between my iOS and macOS devices, I use with Feedbin to manage my subscriptions in the cloud. Both are paid software & service, but worth the costs for me.

@ldx Lots of great recommendations, I'll add one: if you're a Mac user, NetNewsWire is great. It's one of the old school Mac RSS reader apps: the original developer sold it, then a few years later bought it back and turned it into a FOSS project. There's a matching iOS app too, and you can use several backends (inc Feedly, Feedbin, iCloud, etc) for sync.

@gosha ohhh this is so good to hear! I'll check this out again, thank you

@ldx Feedly and feedreader but I’m not happy with either.

@ldx newsboat and a 'open this url in firefox' macro for headline-only feeds.

i use it for youtube feeds too (while those still work lmao) and another macro to pipe them into mpv so i don't have to use their awful website

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