@Velvet <3 I totally will as I play with it more!

it’s amazing you made whole RPGs on a casio calculator - you must have been very patient >:D

and I can see the similarities with bitsy now that you mention it esp. with respect to working inside constraints :)

@abundance this exactly! it reminds me of the way rules for schoolyard games will get passed on from generation to generation of kids at the same school with no adult mediation in the process - in my hometown kids at different elementary schools had totally different rules for four square for example

Graphing calculators were required in my high school math classes, and subsequently there was a ROBUST traffic in homebrew and pirated calculator games, which we traded over serial port at lunch. You could trace generations of the same game, made by someone now long graduated, slowly hacked and improved and probably still being played by some generation of kids still required to have a TI-84 for physics. I think about this all the time

I posted the whole program source for the snake game I wrote over on cohost, with some more thoughts on CASIO BASIC


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there's something kind of utopian about the way these calculators provide a full programming environment with 4 AAA batteries, and how you can share programs calculator-to-calculator using the built-in serial port

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I picked up this old casio calculator at goodwill and so I’ve been playing with the built-in programming language: CASIO BASIC

@gustav ah yeah I saw the link is dead now :( I believe the organizers will be uploading a recording on youtube eventually - I'll post here again when it is up! :)

"weird game engines say: write a punk song, not an opera" - @ldx in his manifesto In Praise of Weird Game Engines

#Bitsy is a wonderful, *wonderful* game engine for making very personal things and it's one of the most precious things to me in games.


the 67th is open, and this month's theme is jazz - come make a small game with us! <3


I documented some of my recent experiments in reverse-engineering the Print Gocco, a Japanese DIY printmaking tool from the 1970s. You can read about it here: nobadmemories.com/blog/2022/05

@borb ty borb! (I’m really looking forward to playing EMUUROM when you release it btw <3)

(you can also play the little manifesto I made for it if you want)

"in praise of weird game engines"


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if you're interested in watching my recent talk about bitsy, there's a recording on the games now! twitch channel :)


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