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I will actually be bummed if it goes down for good - I kind of was figuring it was going to be more of a slow decline than a rapid descent into chaos ):

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Holding a workshop next week on using Twine for activism, non-linear storytelling, and guerilla publishing with Kwago and Printer Matter!


nintendo 3ds streetpass but for activitypub users

My next game, The Barnacle Goose Experiment - an abiogenesis body horror idle clicker - is out *this friday*, November 18th.

With music from Ben Babbitt, halina heron, Geotic, Adobo, Jún, Smokey Emery, Sadurn, Zac Traeger, Honey Son, SamanthaZero, and Eli Rainsbury.

I wonder when/if someone will make a post-Twitter social network that goes back to the pre-Twitter concept of still fundamentally using tweet-like content blocks, but actively eschewing a scrollable feed. AIM status messages, MySpace pages, pre-news feed FB, etc


Howdy! I wanted to share the #crowdfunding effort my blog No Escape is doing right now. We're raising money to cover the operating costs of the site and magazine for 2023 and ensure a smooth ride, regardless of whatever else happens. Check it out, reblog, and donate if you can! (if not, no worries!!)

i wrote my first blog post on @itchio ! i talked about some games that i loved recently ❤ and how great itch supporting blogging is...
"Video game blogging at the end of the world (hello world!~)"
i'll be posting short-form game recommendations there regularly. i hope u enjoy! 🎉💕
#indiegame #artgame #altgame #ps1horror #gamecuration

this hypercard-like tool "decker" looks cool! thought some of y'all might find it interesting :)

This extremely cool compilation of Japanese indie games just came out on Itch! All of them are also available in English.

hey y'all, I'm going to be giving a virtual talk at Games Now! called "Building Bitsy – A Little Engine for Little Games, Worlds, and Stories" - it's on Monday at 10:15 EET (that's 12:15am PT on Sunday for folks on the west coast)

registration is free and open to all! :)

Do you want to blog directly on
@itchio without having to post a devlog to a specific project?

We have a feature for that here:

This is a partial feature we silently launched a while back. Given the circumstances of Twitter, if we see people showing interest in using @itchio as a blogging platform we'll invest some more time improving this functionality.

here’s another tool find that made me happy to see! this is an open source browser based tool for making pixel art (u don’t have to download anything)…
“Piskel is a free online editor for animated sprites & pixel art - Create animations in your browser.”
it’s a pure delight! i love the browser based tools because they are easy to show in workshops or during talks. this one’s another gem.
#tool #browsertool #pixelart #software #indiedev #gamedev #opensource #animation

If you're into odd music-making programs, you might enjoy #Pebble, my little code language + editor for creating sounds & composing tunes. It's free on @itchio!

Hey uh so I’m trying to see how Mastodon works for me, I’m not too familiar w/ the platform’s specificities but I hope to post things here that won’t just be “twitter but not on twitter”

I’m a game developer, I worked as a game designer on Monument Valley 2 & Assemble with Care, & made a game about foraging w/ your grandma called Lieve Oma.

Last week I finally released my latest game, “How To Say Goodbye”, a narrative puzzle game that deals with the subject of grief in a gentle and kind way ♥️

So if any server admin types are interested, it should be pretty easy* to run an instance of my RSS to ActivityPub converter as a nice bonus for your users. It lets people with a login on your Mastodon or Hometown server create ActivityPub accounts that are mirrors of RSS feeds (process pictured in attachments). ONLY people with a login to your server can use it, because you don't want to moderate this service for randos

*easy for linux server administration, huge lmao

I recently released a demo of a 1-bit sci fi puzzle adventure web-game, called Redlander.

It's set on wasteland world filled with mysterious technological ruins, and the various subterranean peoples who live there.

You can play it here:

There's also a devlog on Itch, with more details, here:

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