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Developer with a background in electrical engineering.
Advocates for decentralization and self-organized communities.
Empowers communities as a software engineer at Open Collective.

I think this idea was weaponized and used against people in the past years.
My two main evidences are Trump and Bolsonaro who feeds official news outlets with conflicting information while providing a parallel and consistent communication with their supporters.
The idea is not to diminish the media credibility, you don't need to do that if the media don't have consistent facts to build a narrative.
They're distracting the opposition with non-sense while building a strong army of followers.

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I'm not particularly worried about the right and neither the left.
What worries me is the lack of a common narrative, even if it is a weak one.
People seem to behave like crazy not because they're insane, but because they're wrapped in a different narrative.
Narratives are lines that connect factual points, they describe contextualized temporal phenomenons. If you're out of the context these lines are invisible to you, all you can just see are facts suspended in time.

Yesterday was my first time sailing single-handed. Lasers are too fun!

There's a guy porting Linux to the new Apple M1 processor, you can back his project on Patreon.

Well, I metaphorically crossed the Rubicon. I'm actually sailing in Florianópolis.

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I crossed a Rubicon yesterday, it was my first time sailing.
My friend is teaching me the basics on how to sail, straight to practice like learning how to ride a bicycle.
This is too fun, I’m sailing again today.

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How the fuck is tech disrupting education and at the same time still marketing exams and certifications?

I'm seriously interested in this phenomena, if you have any certification, could you please explain me why?

Is it possible to dream a dream where the dreamer is not present?

A wild little white tiger appears! 😆

Working on OpenCollective's Transactions page redesign.

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Do Artifacts Have Politics?

There's no better place in the web to put this.

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Holy shit you guys! The #EU has adopted a standard to measure how repairable something is!

This means the path is now clear to make actual laws requiring companies to make their products repairable.

#EN45554 #Repair #RightToRepair

ARM getting even more ubiquitous. This sucks because privately held but hey, it's not like if everyone were enjoying any freedom using Intel. Hopefully, all of this makes us move faster towards an open and efficient architecture, read RISC-V.

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I sound like an Apple fanboy but it is hard to deny that Apple is the only big player pushing for sustainability. They're using recycled aluminum and sell devices that last for years. Outside my Linux desktop, I have a MacbookPro from 2015!

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