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your prefered date format?

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congressional ufo hearings 

if you plan on watching the congressional ufo hearings on Tuesday, they will be here


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Got a working the terminal companion app for the OP-Z running on the DevTerm CM3 (Raspberry Pi).

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"i miss BBS"
you can log on to a BBS right now
"i miss IRC"
you can log on to an IRC server right now
"i miss self hosted this or that"
you can self host your own thing right now
"i miss online communities"
join one, start one
"i miss online friends"
we're waiting for u!

the only obstacle to all this and more is yourself.

Is it just me? Or is Ghost Recon Breakpoint kind of a bonkers game?

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Still a work-in-progress (I have some ideas for glitch effects that I want to try and implement) but I made a mod for my BBS using Python that's a tribute to hackers.town.

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Computers are rocks we tricked into thinking with lightning.

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The MacBook touchbar is still one of the worst “product features” invented in my lifetime.

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I am a...

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This might be a long shot, but do I know anyone in Western WA who works in a screenprint shop specializing in paper?

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> NSPF will award up to $100,000 USD in grants of up to USD $10,000 each to projects that are designed to grow the worldwide hacker community, and support STE(A)M education initiatives.

> Eligible applicants include hackers of all ages, wherever they reside, whatever the discipline.

> The 2022 grant cycle is prioritizing projects that promise to have a greater impact on global social and environmental issues.

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Algorave 10th birthday live stream, 24 hours, 10 minute slots, ~144 artists, livecoding dance and experimental computer music and other stuff...

live now at @eulerroom

#owncast #toplap #algorave

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