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hey fediverse, i have some of these beauties ready to ship.
It's a fully programmable midi controller, also capable of generating sound.
You can find more details here:

They are normally for sale on Tindie but you can also order them directly from me (and get a discount).
Contact me for any information and please boost.

@j3s congrats! 🥳 my cravings never really went away. I quit smoking almost a decade ago now, and I still crave a cigarette after every meal. 😆

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When they did an x-ray of Henry Gillard Glindoni's painting of Elizabethan occultist/alchemist John Dee, they discovered that Dee was standing in a circle of human skulls...
#art #history #occult #alchemy

EDIT: More info here: https://www.omnia.ie/index.php?navigation_function=2&navigation_item=%2F9200579%2Fzaj9njhp&repid=1

@caffeine @gosha also guilty. I feel like I read something years ago that claimed professional websites (whatever that means) shouldn’t be written in first person. I just haphazardly subscribed to the idea without questioning it, but now you got me thinking… 🤔 maybe I’ll change it.

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@chorist Ooo that sounds cool! Right now I'm trying finding the limit to what Orca can do for sequencing the Volcas. Keep meaning to try out Patch Base for sound design :D

@chorist I have the FM 1 and it love that thing. Do you think it's worth upgrading to the 2?

@lrhodes the way I get around this is by enabling advanced web interface, searching for a hashtag, and then pinning it so that I auto-refreshes with new posts.

@akkartik have we decided if/when we’ll upgrade?

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fedi "regional" timelines idea 

i wonder if there's room for one (or more) layers in-between local and federated, where a few like-minded instances could have like a "regional" timeline?

this could help relieve pressure to join specific instances with cool local timelines, while still letting new folks plug into interesting micro communities.

@neauoire @dualhammers this feels like what the ancient greeks meant by "certainty brings ruin"

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@maltimore @jz I’ve found that dreaming is a practice (like yoga or meditation) and there are a handful of things that will make it easier over time to remember your dreams over time:
1. Don’t drink or take drugs before bed
2. Fall asleep with an intention to dream
3. When you wake, journal your experience. If you remember your dream, write about it from 1st person perspective, present tense, and with as much detail as possible.

@zens @kototama I remember thinking they had something kind of interesting there; by letting you use a piece of a completely different game.

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Thinking about giving my mark a bit of a human touch to it. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

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ok clearly this is my design now. My head’s still in old school BBS-oriented retro stylings; this is almost all done with plain text and Unicode box drawing characters. (The Open Book’s font is stubbornly 8x16, a hard requirement that’s limiting, but necessary)

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Snow is falling here in Michigan, and I'm once again reminded of how peaceful and quiet winter can be. 😌

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Some of you are likely already aware of this, but I organize a group called PhilTel aiming to install free-to-use payphones in Philadelphia. We are having an install party at @iffybooks on December 17th where we will install our first phone (more info here, https://iffybooks.net/event/philtel-free-payphone/)!

We will also be distributing a zine that explains the project and some of the interesting things you can do with the phone.

Hope to see you there! https://philtel.org

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