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Disquiet Junto Project 0554: Cage Chord

The Assignment: Riff on a chord by John Cage.

This project is the third of three that are being done in collaboration with the 2022 Musikfestival Bern, which will be held in Switzerland from September 7 through 11. The topic this year is “unvermittelt,” which is a little tricky to translate. Literally it’s “unmediated,” but it can also mean “sudden,” “abrupt,” or “immediate.”

Step 1: Consider this chord:


If MIDI is of use to you, here is a link to the chord in a MIDI file:

Step 2: You might read up a bit about the source of the chord, the piece “Organ²/ASLSP” by John Cage. Cage desired the piece to be played “As Slow As Possible.” Currently it is being performed in Halberstadt, Germany, on a special organ that will play it for a total of 639 years. It’s been going for 21 years so far, and is at this moment playing the above chord. Read up here:

Step 3: Produce a loopable drone (duration between one and three minutes) of your own based on that chord.

Note: Submitted drones will be sequenced into one large drone piece to be played at the Cage Room, a pop-up workshop and exhibition space of the festival at Progr, Bern, Switzerland.

My partner just shared this with me, and it's actually kind of genius for getting around paywalls:

Currently eating blueberry and ghost pepper jam on toast and trying to remember not to put my hands anywhere near my eyes… but already failed. 😣

Random tech thought 

I wonder why there are no text browsers for iOS 🤔

Rant about planned obsolescence 

Artiphon is a shit company.

Might be a bit naive, but having a fun time thinking about a world in which machine learning has been baked into most corporate software in such a way that it’s users can purposefully create a Darwinian-style evolution of the software without the permission of it’s creators.

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This was predictable. Facebook/Meta is now encrypting the QP data so that Firefox and other privacy conscious browsers that strip the tracking data can't. Only way to avoid it is to not use Facebook at all. #DeleteFacebook #SurveillanceCapitalism…

Experimenting with recording everything at once—only one take; no edits. I like the finality of the process. Using to compose so that my hands are free to move knobs while recording.

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there's a certain joy in having a great session playing music by yourself and recording none of it.

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I wired the brick up as a very small external monitor, so you can, for instance, play Doom on it.

I can’t stop thinking about this tiny bunny that was with the bigger bunny on my walk today.

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