What a better way to deal with sickness than programming a little bit. Added magic number highlighting to hexing.

Three types of files shown: JPEG, GIF (footer), PNG.

Had some time to work on hexing: now each ascii character is drawn individually and has a cursor insync with the hex cursor.

I'll try to upload the code somewhere soon.

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Infobar down at the bottom now shows offset, goto address (pressing 'g') and input data :merveilles:
I'm almost done for a *really* basic and fast hex editor.

After a quick trip I have some time to work on the hex editor. Now it writes to disk!

Last change of the day: paging. Jumping with page up/page down is also possible.

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We have real content for all columns! Offset, hex content and printable ascii :triangle:

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And now columns can be changed and width of all spaces will change dynamically.

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Another take with colors and also adding the ASCII column.
God, I'm so slow with graphical programming... or programming at all.

Window is also drag-able from any point of the surface.

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Going back to programming. Working on two things:
* A simple hex editor made in C+SDL2
* Learning Lua

I am VERY happy and proud to announce the public release of the "OpenBSD Webzine" !


#openbsd #bsd

First bike fall in a while. I'm glad I didn't brake any bones but, damn, my body is achey and left side has some cuts and bruises.

Life lesson: always backup your notes. No matter what application are you using, export your notes periodically and move them somewhere else.

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