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I'm back. Happy, unhealthy and alive, kind of.


If I ever put a comments section anywhere in my page I know which CAPTCHA I'm going to use: vivirenremoto.github.io/doomca

Pulled Apart By Horses - High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive

Ufff, makes me feel a little bit younger

Just had my first contact with MIPS and sure looks like a simple and fine assembly language.

Let's try this: I'm going to have a one week trip and need some suggestions on what to read. Something short and sweet! :merveilles:

Ok, exam for certificate #2 passed. Now what? Everything feels the same, where are my super powers?!

Fact: you need full 3 hours of research to understand Secret Chiefs 3 discography.

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We are hosting a kind of cooking event this week! We encourage each one of you to share one recipe between now and May 23nd. To participate, you must create a dedicated page on your personal website with the complete instructions, with at least one image, and the cooking time. The recipe cannot include animal products, of course. Please use the hashtag when sharing a toot of your recipe!


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