Decided to use HStack{} and VStack{} to arrange everything neatly and also convert the Double() to Int() to present the final conversion.

Also, ignore the typo!

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Day 19 and finally a challenge! There's no better way of testing your knowledge and what you've learn than creating something.

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Yesterday I did Day 16 and today 17 through 18 :triangle: Got to make the WeSplit project and learn a little bit more about @State, Sections and bindings.

This is the result of the project with some modifications as I took the liberty to investigate a little bit more about pickers and text font.

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Day 14 was done yesterday (forgot about it) and today was day 15 :) I was going to jump to day 16 but I'm going to leave it for tomorrow. Let's keep the head clear and calm until then.

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By popular demand (3 persons asked for it) I present to you... :moar:


(actually it's not that incredible and that probably only applies to my own way of working so please don't take it too seriously)

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Pt. II - Wrote `sour` which is an small C exporter for Doughnut to OPML file.

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Busy day so only Day 13 which was a consolidation day (first of three) to see the basics of previous 12 days.

Used applescript to import an OPML feed from AntennaPod to Doughnut (as it has *no* import functionality).

That love & hate relationship with automation.

Days 11-12 done :triangle: Extensions are going to be definitely used. Unwrapping kinda annoys me as I feel I can't interact directly and check if something is actually `nil`.

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