First bike fall in a while. I'm glad I didn't brake any bones but, damn, my body is achey and left side has some cuts and bruises.

Smól widget to know the battery status of keyboard/mouse.

Life lesson: always backup your notes. No matter what application are you using, export your notes periodically and move them somewhere else.

Planning on going full-vim-mode for coding and ditch Atom. I have some plugins installed (via Vundle) to mimic some of the features that I liked in the latter. I don't have enough words to say how useful is vim-syntastic :triangle:

It is amazing how happy you can get by only reading a wholesome comment on a video or similar shows of appreciation.

A vast amount of russian full length movies and films are on youtube (with CCs) for free:

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w00t w00t! Got my "Practical Malware Analysis" book today. I needed a boost on my windows knowledge for reverse-engineering and analysis and this comes really handy.

Out of curiosity: what are micro-actions that helped you learn another language?
For example: read the news or label your food in that particular language.

Plan 9 things that still throw me off balance: seeing unicode characters in C code. 😅

Finally got to play go (through an app, so far) and found it both fascinating and alien to me, which is a good combination.

I've been completely and utterly bored these days. I want to learn, read, write, move but the feeling is not there. Time to rest?

pomo9: minimalistic pomodoro timer for Plan 9.

Was a nice ride to play with rio's draw.


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