Can Merveilles town citizens suggest podcasts to enlighten this common humanoid? :}

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@levithan I second @slisne 's 99% Invisible, and will also add 20kHz for sound design and The Omnibus for assorted esoterica (+some tangents)

@FredBednarski @slisne Bookmarking those. "The Omnibus" looks really interesting.

@levithan @FredBednarski @slisne i just started a podcast 2 weeks ago:

@levithan +1 for 99pi
team human
invisibilia / hidden brain
cautionary tales
50 things that made the modern world
hi phi nation / philosophize this
Art + Music + Tech

i think thats a p good list, im a bit of a podcast fiend 😅

@levithan I don't really listen to them as much as I used to because I don't drive so much, but the on's I recall most fondly are Cosmic Skeptic and My Dad Wrote a Porno

@levithan On top of what others said, Theory of Everything is also quite interesting for socio-technical commentary.

For US-centered news/investigative journalism, instead, I recommend Reveal.

+1 for love+radio, Invisibilia, Philosophize This, and 99%I
Newshour, Intelligence Squared, The Essay, Art and Ideas, Throughline, Radiolab
Series: S-Town, Wind of Change, The Bubble
Music/Tech: art+music+technology, Podular Modcast, Source of Uncertainty, Esoteric Modulations, Why We Bleep, Song Exploder, Reply All
Philosophy: Partially Examined Life, New Books Network, Acid Horizon, Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour, Why Theory, The Red Library

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