Now that my laptop is fried let's grab the dusty rpi3 and get some 9front experience :)

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Mental note: don't do a `sysupdate; mk install` if you want to use the machine that day...

@levithan Tbh 9front updates are pretty fast... comparatively. 1-2 hours to compile the full userspace is pretty good.

@csepp This one took ~7 hs. for some reason. I must say that it was a clean install though.

@csepp Found a "solution": send all stdout to /dev/null :sadlinux:

'mk install >[1]/dev/null'

I'm keeping all stderr though.

@levithan Ohhh. Yeah, reallocating the buffer for /dev/text takes a long time.
What I did last time I ran into this was I ran a script in a separate window that did something like:
# this is the ID of the other window
# lines to keep
# i don't remember the entire path
cd /mnt/wsys/.../$n
while (~ 1 1) {
tail -n +$l ./text > /tmp/text
cat /tmp/text > ./text
sleep 60

@levithan Anyways, this and some other stuff made me think about how cool it would be if you could have GUI widgets (like log output) backed by ring buffers or lists, depending on your needs. (where there is a ring buffer-y interface that lists can also implement and they act like infinite buffers)

@levithan This is the kinda stuff where just having lines of text is not enough structure and you need proper "objects" with methods and interfaces and stuff. :sadlinux:

@neauoire Is in my TODO list! I must say that the syntax is not what I'm used to but I think that this whole journey is about that: breaking some barriers and experiencing something new :triangle:

@levithan Following your path these past few month, it seems inevitable now, that it will lead you to forth/uxn.

Sigrid maintains the uxn mkfile for 9front, it should build without having to do anything special.

@levithan I've just recently started exploring 9front on the pi4. Mostly because of the umbrella effect of seeing it mentioned so much in this community, and then being subsequently intrigued by the 'propaganda' aesthetic and novelty.

It's been a little challenging collating useful info about the pi particulars and caveats. please continue to share and document your work so that us n00bs can sneak in the door behind you :)

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