Fixed a bunch of stuff from yeti and now I'm happy with the result :)

Today I had some time in the afternoon to play/read a little bit more and actually finished the lexer + parser + emitter :) Will work on the actual compiler tomorrow (if possible).

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Did part #1 and built a lexer for a really minimalist and simple language: brainfuck.

Tomorrow, if I have some time I'll continue with part #2 and learn more.

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Long time no see. Forgot to update here but I've worked on days 26, 27 and 28. Used Create ML (Core ML) for machine learning and Date/DateFormatter.

Day 25: Look back at what was seen on previous days, key points to remember and challenge!

The challenge was to create an application to play Rock, Paper & Scissors against CPU. Everything was done as requested *but* each move was changed from a button to a picker.

Days 20 and 21. Build the GuessTheFlag game and played a little bit with gradients and what not :triangle:

Going back to basics with CTF challenges from :triangle:

Day 20 was stacks, buttons, texts and coloring. Quick and sweet, even gave me some time to play around a little bit with what we were focusing on.

Day 19 and finally a challenge! There's no better way of testing your knowledge and what you've learn than creating something.

Yesterday I did Day 16 and today 17 through 18 :triangle: Got to make the WeSplit project and learn a little bit more about @State, Sections and bindings.

This is the result of the project with some modifications as I took the liberty to investigate a little bit more about pickers and text font.

haha The stupid JS function that I use to randomize uppercase letters looks like iM MeSsin' wITh yOU

n=100,s=Array(n);sx=[...s],sy=[...s],ss=[...s],draw=F=>{createCanvas(w=4*n,w),background(0),r=()=>{return Math.random()*w},i=n;while(--i){sy[i]>=w||!sx[i]?(ss[i]=r()/n,sx[i]=r(),sy[i]=-r(),s[i]=r()/10):sy[i]+=ss[i];circle(sx[i], sy[i], s[i])}}

Tiny code I posted on t**tter to create an snowy night using p5js.

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