Worked on replacing some functions coming from string.h and fixes for yeti. Half-hour fun outside of work stuff.

@0xbiel I just use CTRL+p but still have to relearn a lot (ie. buffers).

Writing down recipes to my journal/notebook has been the better idea I had in 2021.

It made me stop spendin n+ amount of minutes searching for that one recipe I do every week.

Fixed a bunch of stuff from yeti and now I'm happy with the result :)

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I just confirmed that yes, @brave browser's Tor mode appears to leak all the .onion addresses you visit to your DNS provider

Brave had one fucking job to do.

Project finished! This tiny "compiler" for brainfuck is called yeti and was a fun project to pass the time and learn. :merveilles:

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Today I had some time in the afternoon to play/read a little bit more and actually finished the lexer + parser + emitter :) Will work on the actual compiler tomorrow (if possible).

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Last year, we spent 51 days at sea during the passage from Japan to Canada, it was the hardest thing we had ever done. We kept a physical logbook of daily happenings onboard. This is that logbook, revised, and with a ton of extra notes.

@neauoire It's been a good read. And what's better than actually applying what you are reading :}

Did part #1 and built a lexer for a really minimalist and simple language: brainfuck.

Tomorrow, if I have some time I'll continue with part #2 and learn more.

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