@aynish Indeed. One thought that popped into my head is how the people from the "Hackers" (1995) movie took the idea on what cyberspace should look like from this book.

Successfully added a RSS feed to 0l.wtf and tackled down one point in the ideas section :}

Got tine to work on a C "extractor" that parses and identifies the comm between the malware and C&C, this using libpcap. Tomorrow I will adapt some decompression.

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@ritualdust nice! Although I thought it was Secret Chiefs 3 in the beginning

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TIL that LDLIBS != LDFLAGS (make(1)). LDFLAGS is used for passing flags to the linker and LDLIBS to load libraries when linking.

Just finished "Neuromancer" (William Gibson) and I must say that indeed I needed to read this excellent piece of work. Confusing at times but easy to imagine every experience, scenery and feeling. 9/10.

@neauoire @thomasorus I imagine C being a small office while APIs are big warehouses.

"I still like to build things, and if there's no one else to do it, then I'll do it myself [...]. But large scale, high stress coding? I may have to admit that's a young man's game."

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Ok, I'm populating my RSS reader. Sent me what you think I should read :merveilles:

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That feeling when you successfully decode a malware communication with its C&C

I'm loving Firefox Focus so far. It just does what you need and nothing more.

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Did a small website for my zine project, submissions are still open and I'll share the link once the DNS resolves :)

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