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do you use rss?

Day 10 came with classes and inheritance after some days of inactivity. As I had to update to Big Sur, and needed some space in the HD, Xcode needs to be reinstalled.

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On another note, added a "Books" page on my website as I moved to LibraryThing. This page is populated using their API so I'll have to take care of tagging everything properly once finishing/starting a new book.

And that's why I'm glad I've joined and spend more time at Merveilles: keeps me inspired to be better.

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snow falls. machine drawn one dimensional cellular atomata. one of thirty-something. 6" x 4"

Feeling so jealous and overwhelmed by how organized is people around here. Showing their 2020 reviews and new year's plans and resolutions is inspiring but I cannot, for the sake of me, carry out a task like that. Seems like I'm the week-to-week kinda person.

Hey, at least I've got a new journal to start getting my stuff together.

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Also, added Italiano to my language practices. I had classes back in high school and I'm glad to see that I still remember some of that stuff.

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Two (un)social media rage-quits and one move out of Amazon's Goodreads to LibraryThing.

Starting 2021 with the right foot.

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Finished my 2020 project.

Let me call it #6502portable.

It closes the loop between my starting point in 1986 and now. Like a Terminator time line, just backwards.

It's an Atari 800XL on a USB powerbank, video output captured into a Raspi on a 2nd powerbank.

Visuals inspired by Alien movie where computers look like they should. Released in 1979, the year of Atari 800.

I have rarely felt more satisfied.


from "Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction" (2009)

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open source edu + college 

Personal question here: Have you tried being consistent with an open sourse course (like MIT's OCW) and finish it all (lectures, homework, etc)? What was your pace? Thoughts on this vs. attending to an actual college course?

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