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Added the debugger to Yeti! If someone tries it let me know about the multiple improvements needed :triangle:

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error: expected ';' at end of declaration

Is what you get if you spend too much time on Go or Python.

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Best FOSDEM2021 talk I've watched yet:

"Starting Over - A FOSS proposal for a new type of OS for a new type of computer" - Liam Proven

Going back to hobbies for a little bit now that adult-work is kinda low. Yeti (brainfuck compiler/interpreter) is getting a debugger because of reasons.

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Audioreactive ASCII glitch generator

touchdesigner + libcaca + raspberrypi + homemade serial port + Minitel 1B (1986)

4800 bauds is a pain in the a** so it's not really synced to audio and all glitchy, but it looks great!

I tried to run Orca-c: It works! There's some minor character display problems I'll try to fix in the upcoming days (:

Worked on replacing some functions coming from string.h and fixes for yeti. Half-hour fun outside of work stuff.

Writing down recipes to my journal/notebook has been the better idea I had in 2021.

It made me stop spendin n+ amount of minutes searching for that one recipe I do every week.

Fixed a bunch of stuff from yeti and now I'm happy with the result :)

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I just confirmed that yes, @brave browser's Tor mode appears to leak all the .onion addresses you visit to your DNS provider

Brave had one fucking job to do.

Project finished! This tiny "compiler" for brainfuck is called yeti and was a fun project to pass the time and learn. :merveilles:

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