That's not to say that settings shouldn't engage race, nor that they shouldn't do so through the notion of fantasy "races." But they need to do so directly, and thoughtfully. Otherwise, the ability to play as dwarves, elves, ents, what-have-you becomes an open occasion to role-play biological determinism. Those ostensibly racial characteristics become, in a very literal sense, the content of your character.

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There are a few mechanical bonuses when you're playing as an elf or a dwarf in DW, but they don't amount to much unless you make them. In the meantime, you've added this whole notion of race that is biologically and culturally deterministic. Which demands engagement, but rarely receives it — at least, not in a sufficiently meaningful way.

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One thing that bugs me about Dungeon World — and, consequently, one reason I'd like to play it with an original setting — is that it more or less retains the "fantasy races" convention from D&D, which is all sorts of fraught, but also brings very little to the game apart from the appeal of inhabiting a cosmetically Tolkienesque world.

Oh! And Arc:

Settings-wise, that covers a lotta ground. And I've called a lid on new orders for now, at least until we've run a few campaigns in some of the settings I already own.

Though I wouldn't mind finding really interesting settings in the gothic horror, post-apocalypse, urban fantasy, space opera (Legacy, maybe?), and kids' fantasy genres.

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Ultimately, I'd like to build a stable of 6-12 interesting settings I'm comfortable running. So far, I've run:

• Ultraviolet Grasslands
• Dungeon World

I have hard copies of:

• Yokai Hunters Society
• Mothership
• White Hack
• Slumbering Ursine Dunes
• Witchburner

On the way are:

• Blades in the Dark
• Troika!

And I've got PDFs of:

• Pariah
• Lancer
• Sleepaway
• Obachan Panic
• Mausritter

Yes, I have a problem.

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What I'd really like is to run Yokai Hunters Society for my group. It's PbtA-adjacent, so there'd be only the slightest learning curve adjusting from Dungeon World, and it would useful to have it for monster-of-the-week one-shots between larger campaigns. Beyond which, I get bored very quickly with the generic fantasy setting implied by DW.

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Reading through The White Hack (which I bought for running any old-school settings that might strike my group's fancy) has really given me a feel for how much streamlining goes into making a system "rules lite."

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HomeTown is a fork of Mastodon which lets you make instance-only posts, adjust character limits and read long form rich text blog posts.

It's still part of the Fediverse, and HomeTown users can interact with Mastodon users totally fine.

Tech people can get self-hosting instructions here:

Non-tech people can use a managed hosting service to start their own HomeTown instance:

#HomeTown #Mastodon #MastoTips #FediTips #Fediverse

"If the problem with those features were that they were confusing to new users, the correct solution to that would have been teaching the user about them. You know, an onboarding process. Which by the way is also another thing that is completely missing from the iOS app at this moment."

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#TIL The oldest seafloor is under one of the smallest seas: the Medeterranian.

That's the relict remnant of the Tethys Ocean, and parts date to 280 million years ago.

That's a stripling compared to the oldest land rocks, found in the Jack Hills region of Australia and dated to 4.39 billion years ago, only 150 million years after the Earth itself formed.

Continents tend generally to be older geologically than oceans, due to how tectonic plates move and evolve, with oceanic plates typically subducting back into the mantle after only a few hundred million years.

Mining this comp for artists I've never encountered before. Some really great stuff on here.

The Harry Potter series really understands that legacy admission is the dream of every child.

Kept wondering why my phone battery was zeroing out by evening. Turns out I had my brightness pinned at 100%. D'oh!

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I'm curious, everybody who's fully vaccinated and legally not required to wear a mask anymore. Do you:

religion, slavery 

Even more ironically, perhaps, Rodinson's purpose in minimizing the role of religious abolitionists (even to the point of eliding their existence) is to undercut the Occidental view of Islam as essentially theocratic. Religious ideology, he's saying, has very little real influence over government, which is driven by motives related to temporal power.

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religion, slavery 

Were religious abolitionists the only, or even principle, force behind the end of US slavery? Obviously not. But Rodinson — on the heels of a warning that sociological causation is too complicated to reduce to one ideology — is diminishing the role of religious opposition to nothing, in order to maximize the appeal of a Marxist interpretation. Ironic, really, and it puts me on guard.

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religion, slavery 

Excuse me? Maybe elsewhere, but in the US, at least, there were prominent religious abolitionists who absolutely advocated for the wholesale eradication of slavery. There's evidence to suggest that they helped precipitate the actual end of slavery here — hence, the popularity of "John Brown's Body" as a Civil War marching song. Nor, AFAIK, had slavery outlived its economic usefulness to the ruling class — which is one reason they keep cooking up loopholes, e.g. prison labor.

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religion, slavery 

Reading this: …and feeling all sorts of skeptical based on the author's handling of sociology in the introduction. For example, this:

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If you like short stories about mazes and cities— Merveilles, I'm looking at you— might I suggest Interim, a beautiful short comic by Allissa Chan?

Part House of Asterion, part Monument Valley, all beautifully drawn and well paced.

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