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Firefox now tells #Mozilla what your default browser is every day

#Firefox 75 comes with a new #telemetry agent that sends information about your operating system and your default browser to Firefox every day. This guide will walk you through disabling this "feature" to protect your privacy. bleepingcomputer.com/news/soft
#privacy #privacymatters

I need a system for organizing my pdfs and epubs. Something better than "drop everything into one big folder."

unpaywall.org/ provides Chrome and Firefox add-ons that notify you when a journal article is available without a paywall.

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A Brazilian chemist has figured out how to make a blue dye from red beets. "BeetBlue" is described as "unpatented and free for all to modify." #OpenSource #gardening


If you're overwhelmed, here's what I would recommend re:journals:

1. Start with the universities/presses you recognize.

2. In each, start with the topics that interest you most.

3. Select a journal in that topic.

4. Start working back from the most current issue.

5. Pick out article titles that look interest.

6. Glance over the abstract to make sure you're actually interested.

7. Download the PDF to read later — open access won't last forever.

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University presses that have made books and journals open access during the pandemic: publicbooks.org/public-books-d

White Sexual Politics: The Patriarchal Family in White Nationalism and the Religious Right (free access)

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As many of you move to remote working conditions, please consider disabling HD video from your teleconferencing systems.

The North American telecommunications grid is congested, as are any areas where telework is spiking.

Reducing the quality of any #streaming #audio or #video service will help too.

Together, we can ensure that our systems are up for those in need. Doctors doing televisits need the bandwidth more than anyone.

#netflix #zoom #jitsi #hangouts #teams #covid #COVID19 #telecom

I have listened to both albums and I pronounce them good. Very ambient, with fiddly keys throughout. Good to Reznor pushing the boundaries of what a NIN album sounds like.

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Two new Nine Inch Nail albums, free to download from their site: nin.com/

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Season 1:
Oh, hell, yes. Look at all these vests!

Season 2:
Hmm, not as many vests, but I'll stick with it.

Season 3:
WTF is that, a light jacket? Why even call it Vestworld at all?

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Anyone have any non-module-specific resources they like on how to DM table top RPGs?

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random kitchen science tip 

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