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: I'm primarily a writer, as well as an incorrigible reader. Much of what I've written can be found at if you're curious. On Merveilles, I also discuss history, philosophy, and a few other humanities-oriented topics.

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Make software lighter so that we can buy “weaker” more affordable computers.

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Sup fediverse,

My PR for @beehive made it into master \o/

Beehive now to supports a variety of new Actions & Events for the :mastodon: Mastodon hive.

You may want to check them out.

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If I'm being honest, part of what fascinates me about e-ink is the premise of building a computer display on the model of the Etch-A-Sketch.

So far, so good. Just trying to figure out how it fits into my reading patterns. I'm rearranging some things to make it easier to push longform online writing to the e-reader. I still prefer print books, so I don't intend to use it for most of the booklength works I want to read, but I do occasionally come across free e-books, and I'm working on access to a few library ebook collections for otherwise hard-to-find books.

Nearly 5 months later, I finally settled on a Kobo Clara, in case anyone was wondering.

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@lrhodes Large-scale engagement isn't an _exchange_ so much as a set of mutual public performances.

The relationship of audience-to-performer is *parasocial*, as Tom Scott (among others) notes ( The _audience_ feels a close bond, the _pereformer_ has no reciprocal sense.

Topology: point, pair, chain, ring, tree, star, mesh, multi-hub? At large scale, multi-hub seems to emerge, at smaller scales, others can exist. These invoke different behaviours.

What I'm looking for is a social media platform with an e-paper-first design philosophy.


Think of STREAMING as a delivery mode.

AFAIK, it's the primary mode of the current model used by all social media platforms, but it's not necessarily the only mode possible.

Another possible mode is one in which messages arrive periodically and in bundles. Call that DIGEST.

Digest has the potential benefit of being less addictive, and thus less resource intensive.

It also opens up design possibilities that don't work will in streaming, since digest presentation need not be linear.

For example:

Once upon a time, I was a Google Reader user. When it shuttered, I spent some time trying out different alternatives.

What I finally settled on was a self-hosted reader that I could access from a few different devices. But my current setup only updates my feeds four times a day, which means it only makes sense to check for new items when I know it's been updated vs. the perpetual temptation of checking Google Reader for new articles. Which changes how I approach RSS in general.

In many ways, Mastodon's design philosophy is built in opposition to previous, commercial social media platforms, but one significant way in which its design converges with them is the timeline — a continuous, real-time stream of updates.

But streaming is built for compulsion, and with that comes increasing energy consumption. So how might we build for sociability without the negative effects associated with streaming?

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If you stopped going to church, what, if anything, have you found to replace it with? Where do you find community?

The eternal question on here…because if there was an easy answer there would probably be no need for liturgists anything

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Back in 1988, one year before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Tilda Swinton took her bike and cycled around the Berlin Wall, together with the filmmaker Cynthia Beatt. What they created came to be known as Cycling the Frame, and it’s a beautiful and surreal document that shows a city scarred by a wall that cut it in half.

Experimented with using a pencil for a sustained writing. Corrections are easier, of course, but maintaining the constant pressure needed is murder on the hands. Maybe a softer lead?

Been considering another update to my site, in which I scrap the static site generator altogether and just start uploading html files directly.

"For many years even Kant scholarship has ignored the fact that Kant is not only a self-declared idealist but also a self-declared realist. In a way, this is surprising, all the more since Kant introduces the concept 'realism' to philosophy."

@neauoire @rek Is there a feed for Grim Grains? I don't see one listed on the site or in the code.

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