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Revamping my a little…

I'm primarily a writer, as well as an incorrigible reader. I've mostly stopped freelancing, so much of what I write on a day-to-day basis shows up at, if you're curious. I also discuss more academic subjects (like history and philosophy) as well as current events over @lrhodes.

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"show, don't tell"

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People have asked me if having local-only posting somehow discourages federated posting.

I finally did the actual queries on our instance database, and after about a year of having local-only as an option we are at almost exactly 50/50 local vs federated posts.

65% of our accounts have been active in the last month, which is on the high side of normal for an instance with 80 accounts.

We post about 2x more *federated* posts than other instances with ~40 active users.

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My theory is that having local-only posts encourages a stronger community, which encourages more posting in general, which leads to more federated AND more local posts.

I believe that offering local-only posts *strengthens* federation.

(Comparative stats above were collected by me looking at the instance/activity endpoint on similarly sized servers to Friend Camp.)

Picked up this brand of milk one day because it was the only 1 quart bottle in stock. Figured the old school heavy glass bottle was a gimmick, but no, you can actually return the bottle to the grocery store where you bought it, get a deposit, and the creamery will reuse the bottle.

Forgive the YT link, but I figured some of you would appreciate this house:

It's rentable, so file under maybe?

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Stupid fact:
The proverb "I hear, I see, I learn" is "Audio, Video, Disco" in Latin.

You know who's good about including a blog roll on their blogs? University presses.

"I think of Spinoza, perhaps the most rigorous (or at least the most rigor-loving) philosopher in history, who chose to turn down an appointment at Heidelberg University to continue grinding the lenses whose dust would kill him."

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This is me and the #IndieWeb - as a geek but non-programmer the friction is just too high for me to stick at it.

Fairphone, a Dutch company trying to manufacture and market a fair trade smartphone, faces hard-to-solve sourcing and human rights problems.

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Now I'm daydreaming about how to optimize social media for e-ink, and wondering if that even makes sense. Maybe the underlying ideological assumptions of social media and low-impact technology are simply inimical to one another.

(tbh, I don't love ebooks, but I've picked up a small collection of them over the years, and I think I'd be more inclined to read them on a reader, rather than on my phone or laptop, and if I'm going to get a reader, I'd prefer it to be low-impact.)

Anyone have recommendations for an e-ink reader that's not produced by Amazon?

I believe that we're on the verge of passing the window of opportunity where the sort of broad structural changes that could prepare us for fundamental changes in the environment can still be made voluntarily. Not everything in our technological culture is going to be feasible once we reach the other side, and the parts that can be saved are those that we have the foresight to reconfigure for the likeliest forms of scarcity.

I'm also wondering how you could make the receiving end as inert as possible.

In other words, you send a request, and get back the requested data. How could you device display that data with minimal energy use?

In other, other words, to display a web page, a monitor has to constantly consume energy. How could you rig a system that uses energy to write to a rewrite-able surface so that the data stays displayed without that constant energy use? Like an Etch-a-Sketch screen.

Thinking (somewhat abstractly) about the logistics of creating a printed server — an internet-connected set-up that writes to inert physical media (possibly paper), with a "reader" mechanism that only powers up when it receives a request and powers back down again once it's served the requested file.

The Japanese Woodblock Palette, a 12 color palette sampled from old Japanese woodblock prints:

As seen in's Mushroom Hunt text exploration game:

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