Anyone have recommendations for an e-ink reader that's not produced by Amazon?

(tbh, I don't love ebooks, but I've picked up a small collection of them over the years, and I think I'd be more inclined to read them on a reader, rather than on my phone or laptop, and if I'm going to get a reader, I'd prefer it to be low-impact.)

@lrhodes I wonder if there is an open source project somewhere that is a DIY with an e-ink screen? That would be cool.

I was going to say the last time I looked, people recommended a Kobo. Like you, I want to be low impact. So, instead of getting a kobo, Ijust started loading ebooks on an old kindle someone gave me with calibre instead of Amazon.

@sikkdays Yeah, digging around a little, looks like Kobo is the recommended Kindle-alternative. Looks like the DRM library factors into a lot of people's reasoning, though, and that doesn't really matter to me, since I probably won't use the device to buy books all that often.

@lrhodes i've got an onyx boox reader. they're nice because they have ones with big screens, (nice if you're reading larger pdfs, like rpg manuals) and they actually run android (albeit an old version).

@lrhodes I didn't hate my Kobo, but it's pricy and it broke.

I end up getting used Kindles for $20 or so from a local second hand shop, factory resetting them, and turning off wifi.

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