The federated timeline seems like a good idea in theory, but if (as seems reasonable) you tend to follow any accounts that regularly touch on topics of interest to you, then it steadily turns into a firehose of stuff that doesn't.

At the extremes, it's not even boring so much as it is incomprehensible. Even when it's not overwhelmingly fast, it tends to come across as nonsensical.

I'm interested in how other users' experience differ. Do you use the federated timeline? How? What do you get from it?

@lrhodes I don’t use it, for the reason you stated above. It’s pretty much nonsensical. I think the weirdness of the federated timeline could also deter some new users from getting into mastodon. OTOH, it may draw others in. Like you say, in theory it makes a lot of sense as a kind of expanded circle around your interests.

@lrhodes fedilab allows you to follow local timelines of other instances, and all the other clients should do that too. I thought that's the whole point, but apparently that does not match the twitter experience everyone else is aiming for, so I'm stuck on my phone. Tempted to write a cli client with a vim plugin as the interface, but I'm probably not that cool.

@lrhodes I don't use it much. It's good for some quick entertainment when I'm mindlessly scrolling but a lot of it doesn't resonate with me. Though I'm pleased to see a lot of queer representation. Much more so than on other platforms imo.

The reason I dig the local timeline is that it's quiet. I don't like being bludgeoned over the head with information, especially when a lot of it is stuff that ticks me off/makes me tense.

@lrhodes I primarily use the federated timeline when I'm in the mood for finding new people/bots to follow. Otherwise I stick to home/local

@lrhodes I find social media busy and pushy in general, I don't find the Federated Timeline so useful but I like seeing all the different types of people who hang out on Mastodon. If the people I think of as my internet people have moved to places I don't feel comfortable, maybe I can find different kinds of people on a space that feels right?

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