In addition to a metric ton of videogames, this huge charity bundle also contains a fair number of ttrpg books that I've been wanting try.

The $5 minimum contribution is ridiculously low for this many games, so if you have the means, give much more than that:


There's another BLM bundle on Itch:

It's smaller, and the minimum cost is higher, but focuses on some better known titles by more established indie devs, so some people may find it more appealing.

h/t @rezmason for bringing it to my attn.

@lrhodes @rezmason I'm so happy to see Byte Driver in the list. I'm the default high score in that one! It's also an awesome game with fantastic fake history. Everyone should support BLM and get it!

@tomasino @lrhodes

Oh, FINE.😒 I *suppose* I can cut short my weekend plan of being really angry about things beyond my control and play a couple videogames, if allowing myself an iota of joy means that damn much to you, sssssheeeeesh! 🚗👾

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