Anyone have recommendations for nonfiction books about Japan during the Meiji era? Not just politics, but culture, etc?

In case anyone is interested, this book (which is Open Access) seems to cover a lot of ground:

Also gonna see if I can track down a copy of this:

Still open to suggestions, if anyone knows of something similar.

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@lrhodes would Bushido, The Soul of Japan fit that description? (sorry, but am very bad at history, I don't know if what it describes took place during the Meiji era 😓 )

@jere Might be useful in conjunction with something more academic. Bushido was written during the Meiji era, but seems to be more backward-looking. Part of the goal seems to have been to interpret Japanese historical values to an American audience.

@lrhodes The professor I work for does a lot of writing on Japan, his bibliography has a bunch of interesting stuff, some of it on the Meji era: (lmk if you need access to something, I can probably get it)

@lrhodes The only book I read "about" Japan (as opposed to fiction set in Japan) is John Dougill's brilliant book on Kyoto. Of course Meiji would mark the end of Kyoto's reign as the capital, but as a general history of Japan written by a British guy who absolutely loves it there, it's something special. Here's a 2013 interview with the author

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