Finally got to use the visual aid I put together for the big combat set piece I arranged in the Ultraviolet Grasslands campaign I've been running the past few months.

If I'd had more experience going into this, I'd have probably found a way to smooth out the complexity of this set piece. My players were allied with a steppelander clan in a battle against an invading army. The goal was to deliver the central MacGuffin to a transdimensional gate while fighting en route. Activating the MacGuffin unleashed the goliath axolotl, which turned the tide of battle. They just eked through, but not without permanent consequences.

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@lrhodes funny synchronicity, last night my husband and I were talking about UG and how many Ennies it's come up for, which is great. His main reservation with it is that it's first and foremost a setting with only minimal rules, so I was wondering if you use the included ruleset or use something else?

@ljwrites It's the first ttrpg I've ever actually played, so I use the rule set included. But I like it! I'm planning on running Mothership next, so maybe I'll feel differently once I've had some experience with other systems.

On the whole, though, loose rules seem to suit my refereeing style, which is to build some narrative possibilities and test them against the players' decisions.

@lrhodes That's really awesome you're refereeing on your first foray into tabletop! ❤ Glad the ruleset is facilitating your style, too.

@ljwrites I did a fair amount of research first, so I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into. It's something I've wanted to try for a while, and quarantine gave me the opportunity to do it remotely, which lowered some of the performance anxiety the thought of reffing would normally give me.

@lrhodes lemonade out of lemons and all 😂 my husband's tabletop groups have moved online for the most part, too (with occasional f2f games where everyone wears masks, whew, I'd rather just play online).

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