Testing out micro.blog, in part to discuss topics that feel like a poor fit for Merveilles (e.g. news, politics, etc). Feel free to follow me @lrhodes@social.lrhodes.net


@lrhodes@social.lrhodes.net Two caveats:

1. This is a trial run. I may not stick with it.

2. At present, micro.blog doesn't support CWs or hashtags, so what gets posted there will show up directly in your TL. If you don't want news topics in your feed, you may not want to follow.

@lrhodes@social.lrhodes.net I don't see this as a replacement for my merveilles.town account, so for now, at least, I'll be holding onto this account and checking in regularly. Ditto for my Twitter, if anyone follows that, too.

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