Ending my micro.blog trial. There are some interesting premises underlying the design of the service but:

1. ActivityPub interoperability is buggy;

2. I couldn't get Twitter cross-posting to work;

3. Apart from WebMentions, the social aspects are a bit too minimal;

4. I'd prefer to self-host, not just link a domain name to a hosted service.

I was willing to trade on one or even two of those, but all four make for a platform that doesn't really serve the purpose I had in mind.


Looking at writefreely.org as a potential replacement. It already has ActivityPub and RSS syndication baked in, and may be adding WebMentions with its upcoming remark.as service. Self-hosting is a plus, and it seems relatively lightweight (which is why I haven't set up a personal Mastodon/Pleroma instance). At a glance, I don't see any Twitter cross-posting option, but that's low priority.

If anyone knows of a lightweight, self-hosted, single-user blog/microblog package that federates AND works with Webmentions, I'd appreciate the tip.

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@lrhodes It's pretty impressive. If you're looking for a home instance, the tildeverse just launched a writefreely home over at write.tildeverse.org/

@fruechtchen I ran across that before, but it didn't look like it was ready for deployment. Have you tried running an instance?

@lrhodes hmm, I need to look into ActivityPub for Saisho🤔

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