When I start to doubt my decision to buy an e-reader:

Anyone have any experience with reading books on an e-reader when the books have lots of inline pictograms? Not sure I want to bother with the epub version if every non-standard character is going to cause a page break. (My university library has a copy, I just won't have access until the COVID situation calms down.)

@lrhodes pdf is pretty much your only likely usable format for that kind of thing

@darius @lrhodes I second Darius's approach: pdf will solve this problem, and most ereaders can open pdfs.

The drawback is that the text might be small, depending on the format of the original book. I am pretty sure, if you have a epub, you might be able to reflow the whole book to better fit the dimensions of your ereader and then export that as pdf...

@darius @lrhodes

Alternatively, you can sideload fonts to some ereaders. Haven't done that myself, but I have seen it mentioned on forums (at least for kobo readers).

So, there's a chance you can find/make a font with the required symbols and sideload that to read the epub.

@FredBednarski @darius Yeah, the problem with this particular book is that it deals with some ancient glyphs — precursors to the modern Chinese characters sets — and I'm not sure there are really any font packs that would work.

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