Anyone know of a way to exclude particular domains (e.g. from the result in DuckDuckGo searches?

Search term syntax is fine if that's the best way to do it, but if anyone knows of a setting to make the exclusion persistent, that would be preferred.

@lrhodes My solution would be to write a greasmonkey script that removes the result container if it contains an amazon url. But there is probably a better way.

@peregrine @lrhodes I think this is the better way too, greasemonkey or a custom rule for your adblocker. Bing (which powers duckduckgo) has a commercial relationship with amazon and will probably always find a way to sneak a few amazon URLs into your search results if not explicitly filtered

@FiXato It does. I was hoping to figure out a way to exclude it without having to input the additional parameter each time.

@lrhodes @FiXato you can probably modify your browser search engine settings to add the parameters for you if you search from the URL bar.

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