Cooling homes, increasing ventilation, and reducing energy consumption by changing the temperatures of surfaces, not air.

@lrhodes Le Corbusier has some cool (heh) designs in India with false roofs and catacomb-like windows, all designed to keep the heat down.

I was a little disappointed to see air conditioners placed in the windows, but maybe they don't have to work as hard?

Radiant cooling seems really neat.


@kai Yeah, alternative cooling systems are neat. (Alt heating, too, but it seems less tricky ever since we discovered that whole fire thing.) My interest in a lot of this was piqued by randomly running across an article about zeer pots ages ago.

@lrhodes I'm always frustrated on a cool evening after a hot summer day, when the house is still hot but outside is perfectly comfortable, and there doesn't seem to be any way to move the air efficiently

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