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Another GM skill I intend to work on: Imparting a rhythm to individual sessions.

If anyone has advice, I'm all ears.

ttrpg, Dungeon World 

After a three week hiatus, I finally got the chance to redirect the party into a dungeon, which did a nice job of getting the adventure back on track. Who would have thought that a game called Dungeon World would work best with dungeons??

We're on track to draw this campaign to a conclusion next week, at which point I intend to give them the option to either carry on with this world, or try a different game altogether.

ttrpg, Dungeon World 

I could go either way, honestly. I've picked up a bunch of Dungeon World supplements that I'd be happy to try out. Perilous Wilds, Servants of the Cinder Queen, that sort of thing. Or I could try to adapt Slumbering Ursine Dunes, maybe as another DW plane adjacent to theirs.

At the same time, I'd be just as happy trying out Mothership or Blades In the Dark.

Either way, I've downloaded Ironsworn and intend to give it a try as a solo campaign.

Busy, busy.


ttrpg, Dungeon World 

Nothing has given me as sharp a feel for the way Dungeon World can work as the Lampblack & Brimstone supplements, btw. They're perfectly formatted to work with the system, and rooted in a very solid sense of how to tease a world out of PbtA-style moves.

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