Approximately how often do you check the federated timeline?


Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll. Looks like a solid half of you don't use the federated timeline at all, while nearly a quarter of you use it every day.

No one has to use it, of course, but I wonder if there aren't design choices that could be made to make it more inviting/tolerable/useful for the people who avoid it like the plague.

@lrhodes for me it's mostly that I already get so much great content from the people I follow that I really don't feel the need to check for even more content. It'd be overwhelming :p

@lrhodes I'm not sure we need to encourage using it. In only a few months I consciously gathered a collection of wonderful people to follow, and I don't even want to spend more time on mastodon than they provide me.

Public timeline makes sense when you're new and need to find interesting people. Maybe filtering by newest or trending hashtag cloud could improve that.

In my case the laborious part was digging through kitten-manga-sexidentity-food posts, which with no disrespect are just out of my interest range, and constituted a major noise in search for people to follow. So some way of filtering might have been useful.

I'm still interested in improving my follow list, and following hashtags might be one way to break out of the bubbles, which form by following someone who was boosted by somenone I already know.

But hashtags are somewhat limited now - I cannot follow them in the web UI (I can in Tusky though). For posts in several particular I'd even like to get notifications.

@dudenas While you can't filter for something, you can filter things out. Go to your preferences and check the Filters section. If you're not into kittens, blocking cat-related terms like caturday should help.
You can follow hashtags in the web UI, actually. It's just that you can only do that on the Advanced Web Interface, which isn't enabled by default but really should be, as it's just objectively superior.

@Mayana @dudenas @lrhodes I disabled the advanced web interface as soon as possible. Far too noisy

@dualhammers You don't need to disable it. You can just unpin the timelines you're not interested in. I unpinned everything except the notifications, for example.
@dudenas @lrhodes

@Mayana @dudenas @lrhodes then it looks aesthetically uncomfortable compared to looking at just notifications in the simplified mode.

@dualhammers Aesthetics are admittedly not something I know anything about.
But well, this is the solution for pinning hashtags you want to follow. There unfortunately aren't any other ones on vanilla Mastodon that I know. I believe Pinafore might also let you follow hashtags, but I could be wrong. If not, you are all free to use the version we host here:
@dudenas @lrhodes

@Mayana @dudenas @lrhodes our objectives are quite different. I do not follow any hashtags

@dualhammers This solution was suggested for someone that would like to. I am sorry that this doesn't apply to you, but it just might to @dudenas

@lrhodes Yes. For example, a "mute all bots" button. Or forcing all bot accounts to post as unlisted. Or somehow convincing all the bot owners to make them do so.
A way to mute instances (something milder than blocking them) would be lovely, too. Because there apparently are real people on, and I would love not to block those from following me, but ... so much spam. :ms_frown:

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