Two new studies throw cold water on the theory that humans arrived the Americas by way of the Bering Strait.

@lrhodes @Stoori I recently read another theory: The "vegetation of California and Japan were quite similar. a book ... had a geologic map of the Pacific Region. the parent rock of Siberia and Alaska were the same; Hokkaido and southern Canada also corresponded, as did the parent minerals of central Japan and California, and Southeast Asia and Mexico. Even Mount Fuji and Mount Shasta, which are both considered to be sacred mountains, are in corresponding positions. She suggested that the two continents were part of the same landmass at one time." (112 One-Straw Revolutionary)

@mu @lrhodes I've taken it very established that all the continents were part of the same landmass in the past. But that happened millions of years ago, orders of magnitude before modern human had developed, and that's why it can't explain how and when the American continent was inhabitated by humans.

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