Update, for the curious. It's a Pilot Metropolitan Pop and a Midori MD notebook.

FWIW, of all the entry-level fountain pens I've tried so far, this Pilot MP has my favorite weight and balance.

I'm going to live with it a little longer first, but if it still feels this comfortable after a week or two, I may go ahead and get a second one. Maybe the red.

Or the green.

Or the black.

I don't know.

So far, my big complaint re: the Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop is that the squeeze convertor doesn't seem to hold ink well. I don't know if it's losing ink or drying up or what, but if the pen sits capped for a few days, I have to refill it to get it to write again. I'll look around for solutions (user error is a definite possibility) and maybe try a different convertor. Hopefully, that'll resolve the problem, because I really like the form factor otherwise.

Okay, so user error may have been the major cause here. Turns out I wasn't pumping the squeeze convertor enough. You're meant to pump it until bubbles no longer form in the ink, then let it slowly draw until full. Previously, I wasn't seeing bubbles at all because I was compressing the bulb BEFORE I submerged the nib, and only letting it draw once. It's possible that what little writing I got out of it each time was just the ink in the nib. I've filled it properly now, so we'll see how it goes.

If this works, then my biggest complaint is that it only works with proprietary cartridges and converters. Not a huge deal, but compliance with standard fits would be a whole lot cooler.

The bulb convertor on that first Pilot pen just wasn't cutting it, so I ordered a piston convertor. While I was at it, I went ahead and threw in another Pilot and conveyor. The notebook was just an easy way to bring the total up to free shipping level, but I actually like it. A lot. The Apicas are turning into my favorite line of notebooks.

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