Getting pretty good at refilling a pen without getting my fingers all inky.

@linkskywalker Yeah, I started using fountain pens a few years back to take some of the strain off of my writing hand.

@lrhodes Fountain pens are *very cool.* >.>

My daily writers are uniball visions. I'm pretty comfortable with them, but it does seem like a waste to throw them out when they're empty. I go through a box or two a year.

That said, I think having a pen I was worried about losing would stress me out.

@linkskywalker I haven't had an issue with losing any yet. People are generally hesitant to borrow them, so no one really walks off with one. And I'm using relatively cheap pens ($19-25 range) so it wouldn't be a catastrophe if one went missing. I wouldn't wait tables with them or anything.

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