Middle easterners we're drinking iced drinks as early as 1750 BCE. One tablet from the region of modern Syria records the construction of an ice house used to store mountain ice for use in the ruler's summer drinks. (Cited in Eric Cline's 1187 B.C. THE YEAR CIVILIZATION COLLAPSED.)

The Uluburun wreck is a Canaanite ship that wrecked off the southwestern coast of Turkey, likely heading toward the Aegean, approximately 1300 BCE. It contained tin and lapis lazuli from the Badakhshan region in the extreme northeast corner of Afghanistan, that would have had to have crossed overland more than 2,000 mi. as the crow flies. So when you imagine the ancient world, 700 years before Socrates, imagine trade lines that connect Afghanistan to Greece.

@lrhodes I wish this pattern would break… In another thousand years they’ll look back on us and say “even a thousand years ago they were capable of sending their overlords to space”

@flip The pattern of elites having luxuries that don't become accessible to commoners for thousands of years, you mean?

@lrhodes that and the sub-pattern of thinking it’s an accomplishment to do a thing without any scale or permanence which I take issue with because if it’s not made to last and serve everyone, so what

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