In the past, I've had accounts that crossposted to Twitter, but I've ultimately either disconnected the crossposting or let the accounts go defunct. And gradually I've come to the conclusion that crossposting undermines the goal of building a better social media ecosystem. It provides people with an excuse for staying on corporate social media and encourages them to see it as your responsibility to deliver your posts to them wherever they already have an account.

I'm not saying never crosspost. I'm willing to grant that there are probably some circumstances in which a limited degree of automated crossposting makes sense. But if your goal is to encourage people to migrate to a healthier social media environment, then it makes sense to be very thoughtful and restrained about how you mirror posts from one platform to another. And I don't think we're thoughtful enough about it. I certainly wasn't.

@lrhodes and also if you ask a question and it gets crossposted; and someone goes to actual time and effort to answer it; perhaps with an essay length history of a subject; it’s insulting if you don’t bother to even read it cos you’re not even looking at that platform you supposedly want to better.

@lrhodes what do you think about the shift of priority that brings – the 'big ones' just spread the word. #IndieWeb #POSSE

@mro I think that's reasonable to a certain degree, but the imperatives there are different. POSSE is about asserting ownership over what you publish online and using social media to expand your reach. Though I think there are dangers associated with that, as well — principally that once you syndicate a piece of work, you lose a measure of control over how it circulates.

@mro @lrhodes I am fully convinced that #POSSE is the way to go. Just wish there were a valid way to publish using this methodology to Facebook/Instagram.

@lrhodes Yes, I was replying to your other post basically saying the same thing. I think the migration is gradual for most people - we were seduced by social media years ago and like any toxic long term relationship its difficult to end. But thoughtfulness is key, and knowing your audience, and encouraging those you care about to move too.

@jonnypencils @lrhodes Indeed.

When I migrated my personal twitter to here I had it crossposting in both directions, now it's just from here to twitter & I'll probably break that at some point as both have different viewpoints/viewership that it makes sense to do that.

I migrated a couple of other twitter accounts to here as well but they will keep the cross posting for those as it makes sense for those two

@lrhodes I agree. My current approach is to have specific and very limited accounts on corporate platforms for communicating with the people who use them (very specific to topic interests). By having a website and pointing to it as my "home" anyone interested in deeper connections can dig further and see how much more beyond the surface there is.
Maybe it's counter-productive, but I create original posts on these platforms (not automated), and only when I feel like it.

@lrhodes so much this, honestly.

People need to commit or it never works. Because maybe at the root of it... we don't all need social media.

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