Seriously considering canceling my digital subscription to the local paper and donating that money to local public radio networks, since the latter have functioning RSS feeds on their websites, while the former does not.


I want to support local journalism, but I'm also fairly convinced that commercial news sites have all been quietly deactivating their RSS feeds in order to push subscribers into newsletter subscriptions or proprietary apps, and I'm just not going to do that. If you take away RSS feeds — which are the main way I focus on news — then your site is immediately much less useful to me, and I'm not inclined to pay a monthly fee for minimal use.

The newspaper in question just solved this problem for me… by nearly tripling the monthly subscription cost.

So, yeah. I'm canceling that.

@lrhodes I hear you on the RSS. I use RSS as well to keep up with news and other things. A site w/o it is indeed less useful.

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