I couldn't figure out when the birds were picking all of the leaves off of my kale sprouts. Turns out, a couple of birds would have been helpful.

I found and removed three caterpillars, but not before they defoliated nearly all of the kale and tatsoi I was growing on my patio as a trial run. Fast workers.

@lrhodes cabbage loopers! I'm right there with ya this year. Unless I get out and pick them off 2x a day they pretty much mow it all down.

@tickfoot I'm gonna have to keep a close eye on things, but I'm afraid it's too late for those two boxes. They're surrounded by herbs, but I guess cabbage loopers prefer ruffage.

@lrhodes yeah, they sure do! Anything in the Brassica family they just thrive on.

@brisling Might be kinda tough to fit them into my balcony garden! I'm hoping the fact that I'm disconnected from other organic spaces will work in my favor. Although, we did find another looper inching across the balcony (in the wrong direction) this morning, so maybe not.

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