is deprecating Dark Sky and folding its features into Weather. So I installed Weather last night. This morning, it drained a full battery over the span of 3 hours. Turning off Location services made little to no difference. I'm reasonably confident that Weather was the culprit, because uninstalling and recharging stopped the drain. Bear in mind that I have an older phone, running iOS 16, but definitely test out Weather before you go anywhere you'll need to rely on your phone.


So I'm pretty sure installing Weather started the problem, but uninstalling it didn't, on its own, stop the battery drain. To do that, I had to stop Search indexing and restart the phone. Now it seems to be consuming power at a normal rate again, even with Weather reinstalled. Unless you tell it not to, iOS 16 does a lot of indexing within apps, so my guess is that it got hung up on indexing something after I installed Weather the first time.

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